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New Forces Older Titles (Almost Gone)

I have limited copies available of some older titles:

Heat Signature - People's War (harsh noise from members of Being and Action/Discipline)

Scalp Elevator - Reenactment (harsh noise from Ryan Bloomer and Andrew Nolan)

Knurl - Ectodurotomy (king of junk-metal noise)

Vat - Bubble Probe (crude harsh noise, Americanoise king)

Unsustainable Social Condition - Your Strife Means Nothing To Me (grinding noise/core)

Pyrox - Fragment (Knurl side-project, dense clouds of electrified static)

Muck - Black Hole Earth (Bleak drone from members of Shredded Nerve, Developer, and more)

xAllxForxThisx - Hard Drugs (Power-Electronics from Peter J. Woods and Jay Linski.)

Miscreant - Birthright (Heavy Power-Electronics from this California Duo. Members of Terror Cell Unit, Crimes of the Crown...)

Leo Brochu - Cicatrix (Simultaneously concussive and jagged. Thick, blasting harsh noise. A fist repeatedly punching through sheets of glass. Highly recommended newcomer to US noise.)