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FREAK ANIMAL Distributed Items

Rare imports from the legendary Freak Animal. Can't go wrong with any of this stuff.

Puce Mary - The Great Panic (industrial electronic violence)
Puce Mary - Ultimate Hypocrisy (industrial electronic violence)
Mania - Decrepit (crude harsh noise and metal junks)
Mania - Insidious And Alone (crude harsh noise and metal junks)
Grunt - Sacrosanct Imperium (power-electronics legend)
Grunt - Chance To Be Cruel (power-electronics legend)
Knurl - Thoracia (scrap metal and harsh noise)
Clinic Of Torture - Slavesex (Grunt side project, torture noise)
Sadio - Sophisticated Methods in Torture (Grunt side project, MORE torture noise)
Encephalophonic - Hurtcore (dynamic harsh noise from Italy)
Hal Hutchinson - Industrial Development (industrial harsh noise)
Will Over Matter - Suomi Vanhan (Grunt side project, noise/industrial rituals)
Silence Of Vacuum - 5 (suffocating latex noise)