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FREAK ANIMAL Distributed Items

Rare imports from the legendary Freak Animal. Can't go wrong with any of this stuff. Items sell quickly so check the dropdown menu for availability.

Puce Mary - The Great Panic (industrial electronic violence)
Puce Mary - Ultimate Hypocrisy (industrial electronic violence)
Mania - Decrepit (crude harsh noise and metal junks)
Mania - Insidious And Alone (crude harsh noise and metal junks)
Grunt - Sacrosanct Imperium (power-electronics legend)
Grunt - Chance To Be Cruel (power-electronics legend)
Knurl - Thoracia (scrap metal and harsh noise)
Clinic Of Torture - Slavesex (Grunt side project, torture noise)
Sadio - Sophisticated Methods in Torture (Grunt side project, MORE torture noise)
Encephalophonic - Hurtcore (dynamic harsh noise from Italy)
Hal Hutchinson - Industrial Development (industrial harsh noise)
Will Over Matter - Suomi Vanhan (Grunt side project, noise/industrial rituals)
Silence Of Vacuum - 5 (suffocating latex noise)