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Industrial-Historical Document 2: Counterinsurgency

"Conducting a successful counterinsurgency campaign requires a flexible, adaptive force led by
agile, well-informed, culturally astute leaders. It is our hope that this manual provides the guidelines
needed to succeed in operations that are exceedingly difficult and complex."

Bringing together three artists with three highly unique approaches, this triple-cassette explores the history of US counterinsurgency warfare in Central and South America. Gnawed is the first salvo, 40 minutes of bleak death-industrial from the hallmark US artist working in that style. Slit Throats, the new moniker of the man behind Plague Mother, counters the Gnawed maneuver with two sidelong tracks of crackling, hissing, scraping harsh noise. Crawl of Time finishes the assault, the solo-project of Sam Torres, known for his work in Miscreant and Terror Cell Unit, and his live collaborations with Koufar. Brutal rhythmic power-electronics that lays bare the ongoing violence of US foreign policy. One cassette for each artist, packaged in a plastic bag with a booklet.